A Spring in my step

Musical flowers

Spring has finally arrived! In theory anyway. It has been a really long cold winter and I say that every year, and every year I feel it so much more. I never felt the cold and the ache all the oldies would complain about when I was younger despite all of the broken bones I’d had with all of my surgeries. But once I had my hip replacement done I got to experience the “arthritis ache”. I get it in my pelvis on my right side and in my right thigh where the stem of my hip replacement is. I’m fortunate to not have it anywhere else and it is a great forecaster of rain, what baffles me is what all of my other aches and pains are predicting.

At least I’ve been able to keep busy with work and family although by being busy its meant that I’ve been so incredibly sore and tired and have had to medicate more than I’d like and put off certain things when my body has forced me to rest it out. It’s these times that I try to find positive ways to get through the pain and frustration of my body letting me down over and over. In the past I’ve done this with music, if I’m really angry at the world and my body it’s hard rock or metal that I go to. If I need to find the energy to get me through it’s more pop and if I need to just chill out and let my body calm itself and deal with the pain it’s RnB or jazz. Music is still very much my go to for my moods and always will be. An immediate go to on a side note is counting, for example if my body is screaming at me to stop moving but I need to get to the car in the car park which is 200m away I count, only to a hundred and then I start again. It helps me put one foot in front of the other and hope I don’t tangle them and go face first into the concrete, it gives me focus and limits how much I grind my teeth into each other before I reach the car. But when I get to the car it’s the most amazing feeling, the relief, the accomplishment and the reward of sitting down, it’s sooooooooo good! Small pleasures.

Another positive way I deal with life as it is has been through exploring my creative side. In the past I’ve made a total of 2 amazing cross stitch masterpieces hanging on my best friend’s wall and a whole bunch of other bits and pieces like photo tiles, balloon decorations and other crafty things. My latest craze is polymer clay sculpting to make almost whatever you can think of. It has been really good for my hands and developing their strength again. They have been hurting a bit lately and turning door knobs and taps sometimes proves difficult which sucks, so by kneading the dough and shaping it I’m exercising my fingers and hands. Pity I don’t have the energy to exercise the rest of me, hopefully I’ll change that once the weather starts warming up a little and my bones defrost and my muscles wake up from their winter slumber. Hopefully the whole polymer clay phase sticks around for a little while and I can maybe make some cash from my wacky creations. I’ll keep you posted of my Etsy store and I’ll even offer mates rates for any of my prize-winning pieces. On that note I’m going to leave it there, just a short one today so you know I’m still around, watching and waiting. Take care peeps!

Have a good one!

K xo

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