Self Medicating from my bedside table.


Hello everyone! I’m finally back! It’s been a big year with family illness, building a house and moving twice. But I’m slowly starting to get a handle on my life again and feel less like a tornado and more like me.

Autumn is in full swing now, leaves are on the ground and the weather is definitely getting colder and I’m getting stiffer. To try and combat this and the pain I’ve been getting, most of which has been in my ankle; but my left knee is starting to ache on a more regular basis too. To try and remedy this I’ve been using a few different natural methods that help me get through each day and relieve some of my pain and discomfort. I’m going to mention a few that I have on hand in my bedside for daily medicating that work for me, other than my usual concoction of prescription and over the counter medications. Please see your Dr if you’re thinking of trying any as to whether they may be of benefit to you though.

My favourite and one I’ve been using for years is Pain Away cream. It’s made up of herbal ingredients and I hated the smell when I first started using it but now find it quite soothing. When I’m sore and feel the inflammation increasing in my ankle or knee I’ll lather myself up with this cream and then put on bedsocks or a sleeve of sorts over my knee to provide extra warmth. This reduces the ache and inflammation to a more manageable level and I think the aroma of the cream also soothes and relaxes the mind.

Fave herbal arthritis cream

The next remedy I’ve been using a lot of lately and really does make a difference because it has a low dose of aspirin in it is Salonpas. These patches can be purchased at some pharmacies or online through eBay in bulk if you’re covering yourself in them like I am. The smell of these is more traditional old people smell of menthol and you do get the burn with these which is what most of the creams on the market like your Deep Heat and Dencorub are like. I get more relief from these patches than with the Pain Away cream but that’s to be expected. The only issue I’ve found with them is they’ve wrecked my skin a little on my ankle due to repeated use. The skin is weaker and can get quite red and itchy which in turn makes me scratch it and break it making it even more sensitive and an area I need to then avoid putting the patch on because it will burn baby burn. Don’t want to add to the ouchy! I know these patches have been around for most of my life and my parents used them frequently over the years so they’ve clearly got some benefit to people.

Smelly less ouchy patches

The latest method I’ve tried to reduce my pain with if I wasn’t keen on medicating myself to the eyeballs was with Actipatch. This was something reviewed on a news program and highly recommended for osteoarthritis sufferers, so I thought why not, let’s give this a go if the price is right. Turns out it was so I did.

Electromagnetic Therapy – zap zap!

Now had you have asked me what I thought on the first day I used it I would have raved about it. The first day it worked beautifully and I was mostly pain free which was so nice, I actually had a spring in my step. On subsequent uses the effect was not as strong and whilst the pain was reduced it was still very much there and noticeable. I still use it on and off to give me different options for pain relief and to help with joint movement, unfortunately my body develops a tolerance for things quite quickly and their efficacy diminishes if I use it day in day out for a lengthy period of time.

So these are my main remedies and ones I use over and over as each joint slowly turns into dust. Unfortunately none of these along with the medication are really helping anymore, so I’ve set foot on the road to ankle fusion. The pain, lack of mobility and independence have been a huge factor in deciding to do this. I need my life back, I need to not be depressed and isolated anymore, I need to look after me.

I’m going to leave it there. I’ll keep you posted on the next stage of my journey with plenty of pictures too.

Take care of each other and if you haven’t heard from someone dear to you in a while, just check in on them. They may be battling their own demons behind the scenes and a friendly boost may be all that they need to renew their fighting spirit. Bye for now!

Have a good one!

K xo