Write a blog they said, it will be fun!

Bones, bones, bones. Mine hate me, or at least that’s how it feels most days.

I’m a chicky babe in my 30’s and have been living with osteoarthritis (OA) since I was about 13. It mostly affects the lower part of my body but I am noticing its travels north.

I’ve had many surgeries to try to improve my OA over the years and I no doubt am due for more before I change state of matter.

This blog is about my journey through the depths of osteoarthritis and what growing up has been like as well as everyday struggles and joys. It’s also going to be about me and the perspective I have of the world at 132cm (4ft 3in), which let me tell you and I will, brings its own set of struggles and joys. On the flip side I married tall, my awesome, understanding and tolerant husband allows me a different perspective on life and helps me through life as I do for him. By the way he’s 180cm (6ft) so you can imagine the level of chiropractic adjustment required on our necks regularly.


I’m a Mum to 2 woofs and a meow who bring me great happi-mess. No, they really do give me so much enjoyment and help me to not dwell on my aches and pains even if they’ve caused them.

I’ve always wanted to share my story and experiences as well as gain more knowledge from others on how to get through life while still enjoying the ride. I hope this will give me that as well as give you something to take away and ponder. I’m not medically qualified or certified and my opinion is just that, my opinion and experience only. Whilst I do have a degree in Science (and was a vampire, AKA blood collector in a previous life) and may rattle off a technical term here or there, if you’re not sure of something I’ve mentioned and its suitability to you please find the right type of resource to help, doctors are a good start.

So to wrap up, I hope I’ve been able to give you a brief insight of what to expect from this blog. And of course I hope you stay for the adventure ahead as I muddle my way through the blogosphere. I promise to keep you entertained and amused with the occasional giggle here and there.

Have a good one!

K xo